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The structure of the EURbG is based around “working groups”(WG), with each of the 8 working groups representing a difference element of RB management. Each WG is led by a nominated national group and other groups are appointed as participants in each WG. WG Leaders constitute the Board of the group. For each WG, the WG leader will appoint a committee with a minimum of 3 coworkers from hubs of expertise in different centers who will participate in the decisions in their WG and deliver the expert advice to the requests received. For each committee, ideally the proportion of specialists would vary according to the scope, but in all of them there will be at least one ophthalmologist and one pediatric oncologist.

Conservative therapy


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Non-Conservative therapy


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Late effects


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Mutation diagnosis and biobanking


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(Brno – Istanbul)

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Web resources and communication


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Coordination of the project


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Parental groups

(Paris – Berlin – UK)

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